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Race Racism & Oppression Interactive Curriculum

Created for non-profit organizations and for-profit companies.

The curriculum is based on topics starting from Stereotypes/Implicit Biases, Prejudice, Discrimination, Structural, Institutional, Interpersonal Racism, Privilege, Microaggressions, Internalized Oppression, and Racial Framing, Also included in the curriculum are things to say when confronted with racist comments

It would include the actual Participant Guide, PowerPoint, and Videos that are recorded by Tamu Lane.

It is sent in a PDF and the way that it works:

  • There are reading materials and activities that the participants are required to complete. 

  • There are also recorded videos where I teach pieces of the course.

  • Each participant will email Tamu their responses to the activities as well as any questions that they have and I will respond back within 48 hours in order to make the training interactive. 

  • Once individuals have completed the full course I will send them a certificate of completion but this is contingent on them sending in all of their assignments which I will keep track of. 

  • The PDF includes written information, PowerPoint slides, videos recorded by Tamu, pieces of approved documentaries, and activities to be completed. 

  • Once the contract is signed I will ask you about some specific areas that you wish to have addressed at your organization around racism and oppression. 

  • The Racial Equity Curriculum is an interactive training and for 2 years you can have as many staff members connect to me, Tamu King, as I will respond to staff through emails. After 2 years you can continue to make this curriculum interactive but the cost for each staff member would be $50.

  • Note: The training after 2 years does not have to be interactive with the consultant to be effective. This is just another learning tool.  

    Total cost:$10,000.00

If you are interested in purchasing the curriculum please send an email to Tamu King at or with any questions and/or information on how to purchase. 


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